LILIAN LEV is an actress the leading girl of Hybristophilia which she costar with Quinton Aaron from the blind side with Sandra Bullock set to hit theater 2017, also a singer and a model from Russia. LiLian is a well-trained SAG and AFTRA actress.  She has captured the film and television industry with leads and supporting roles. She has worked both dramatic and comedic projects, in all mediums. Having worked with with Eric Roberts, Casper Smart, Mark Ryan, Romane Simon and other well known people. A second career is a singer-performer. She become famous singer and actress in Russia, then made 50 performances in China. LiLian has 2 complete albums with Russian and English songs. Some of the songs are on iTunes, Spotify, many radio stations all over the world. LiLian loves martial arts, sword fighting, dancing, lift weighting and yoga. She also has hosting experience on European Music channel.  Besides work on the movies and television, LiLian is taking lots of training. She studied at Lee Strasberg Film&Theatre and now she is taking advanced acting program at UCLA. On top of that, she is practicing TaekWondo, sword fighting, gun training and horse back riding.